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Hi, I'm Peter Botteas. I'm a Life Coach & personal development mentor in Toronto.

In my 10+ years of being a Life Coach, I've enabled hundreds of people to become empowered to achieve their goals both in their personal and professional lives.  My mission is to be the most impactful force in my clients’ lives.  I believe through simple strategies and an action plan, anyone can close the gap between where they are now and what they want to achieve!


I discovered my life’s work by observing what I loved doing, what I did naturally, and which skills & abilities I enjoyed using most.  Being a good listener, with a knack for helping people find solutions to their problems and help create new visions for themselves, is what I have done successfully and joyously all my life.  This is why I am a Life Coach.  


Just like everyone, I have experienced my share of pain, have emotional scars from past wounds, and deal with fears and doubt.  However, when I was at the lowest point in my life, I decidedly embarked on a quest for healing and empowerment, and began my journey of self discovery and awareness.  I augmented my Honours Degree in Sociology & Anthropology with advanced self-improvement strategies, read relevant literature, attended workshops & seminars, and studied the principles of Co-Active Coaching.  I took all these teachings, concepts and tools, and applied them directly to my life with outstanding results and have applied them in my coaching relationships  while catering to my clients’ specific goals and needs.  I reveal techniques to achieve objectives, increase prosperity and transform and improve the quality of life for all my clients. 


About Me
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Services & Rates


In-Person Coaching: paused due to COVID-19

Online Coaching

If you prefer meeting face-to-face, and live in the Greater Toronto Area, in-person coaching is for you.  I can meet you where you want.  Coaching sessions are 60 minutes.    


For freedom and flexibility (and cost savings!), online coaching can be achieved through meeting virtually via phone, FaceTime, Skype, email or IM.     

  • 1 Coaching Session - $150 

  • 3 Coaching Sessions - $375

  • 6 Coaching Sessions - $720

  • 10 Coaching Sessions - $1150

  • 12 Coaching Sessions -  $1320

  • 1 Coaching Session - $140

  • Online Coaching Packages

    • up to 2 sessions per week!​

    • unlimited text support!

  • 2 Month Gold Package - $1200

  • 3 Month Platinum Package - $1800

  • 6 Month VIP Package - $3400

Best Value!

Let's Talk

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

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